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Buying Guides

Whilst you may have found a great deal for a PC, it may not be a great deal for you. People often forget that the PC they buy should be suited to their needs and not just their budget. We find that many of our customers have been offered seemingly better deals, only to discover that the offer is unbalanced or doesn't provide what they need. Here we explain some of the the things you need to consider before buying a computer.

The first thing you should establish is what you need it to do and then you need to set your budget. A gaming PC is completely different from a workstation, which may be obvious, but how different is a gaming PC from a flight sim PC (answer - very, they have quite different requirements). Even between different games, the relative benefits of graphics, CPU, memory and storage performance can be extremely varied. For a specific game, you may even find rival graphics card offerings from AMD and nVidia at the same price, which all the reviews say are neck and neck when it comes to performance, but offer quite different performance levels for the game you are playing.

The bottom line is you need to get as much information as possible and start by looking at what you use it for.

General Buying Guidlines

Buying the right Graphics Card

Buying the right CPU

Buying the right Memory

Buying for Gaming

Buying for Streaming on Twitch/Youtube

Buying for Flight Sim

Buying for Audio/Visual

Buying for CAD/3D