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Buying the right Memory

When buying memory the size (Number of GB) is the most important part. The current standard amount for most computers is 16GB while this is a bit more than what you actually need it gives you plenty of room for when games and programs start to use more memory. The smallest amount of memory that we would recommend on a new computer is 8GB. As memory is so cheap now 8GB doesn’t take up a large amount of your budget and the performance gain between 4GB and 8GB is massive.

If you are looking at video editing or 3d rendering or anything similar then going above 16GB is worthwhile. 32GB is the next step up and is the most commonly used amount for video editing. This still isn’t massively expensive but jumping from 32GB to 64GB is a large price jump and won’t have as much of an impact as going from 16GB to 32GB.

Memory speed is a specification that many people look at as normally bigger number equals more performance. In terms of memory this isn’t really the case. 2400MHz memory performs almost identically to 3000MHz in gaming situations. It only starts to give you additional performance once you are looking at the highest CPU’s and SLI of the highest graphics cards available.

The difference between our standard memory and Corsair memory is purely the brand. Corsair are a very well-known brand and have very good warranties on their memory kits. There is no performance increase from doing this, just the increased warranty and improved looks in some cases. Our standard memory isn’t a guaranteed manufacturer as it is the best value memory that meets the specs that we require. Due to price fluctuations from our suppliers the brand and exact model of this memory changes from week to week.