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Standard Case and Radiator Fans


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120mm case fans for optimal cooling and low noise levels. Larger fans moves more air, but dio not have to spin as fast as their smaller cousins. Therefore noise levels are actually lower than with small fans. Fan blade colours vary depending on availability either white or black. When spinning the colour is invisible.

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Low noise with good airflow.


- Size: 120x120x25mm
- Connection type: 3pin and 4pin molex
- Current: .16A
- Input: 1.92W
- Speed: 1300 RPM +/-10%
- Air flow: 47.27 CFM / 80 m^3/h
- Air Pressure: .95 mm H20
- Bearing: Rifle Bearing
- Noise: 25.35 dBA
- Life: 40,000 hours