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Cool Laboratory Liquid Pro Liquid Metal Thermal Paste

Cool Laboratory CLTP_CL_LP

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There isn't much than can improve on Arctic Silver 5, but the Cool Laboratory Liquid Pro liquid metal does just that.  It uses a liquid metal alloy which gives the absolute best thermal conductivity.  Applied correctly, it can give an extra degree or two above premium thermal pastes such as Arctic Silver.

It is a pain to apply, which is why our engineers are trained to make sure it goes on correctly.  If you want the absolute best CPU cooling, then select the Liquid Metal for the coolest or most overclockable set up possible.

We would not recommend this if you have not selected a high end CPU cooler, as your money would be better spent on upgrading the cooler first.  However, if you have a high end integrated liquid cooler such as the H100, this paste will eek a few extra degrees performance out of your set up!

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Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is the first heat conducting medium, which is worthy of its name. It is the first heat conduction paste that consists of 100% liquid metal alloy. It is liquid at room temperature (like mercury), but it is absolutly nontoxic and has a high moistening ability for several materials. The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is especially recommend for nickel-plated copper.


Coollaboratory Liquid Pro contain no non-metallic additives (like silicone, oxides etc.) at all. It also does not contain any solid particles. Due to these properties, Coollaboratory Liquid Pro surpasses the best high performance heat conducting pastes by a multiple. 


Chemical characterisation: Alloy of the metal components gallium, indium, rhodium, silver, zinc and stannous.

Contents materials: GALLIUM CAS-Nr.: 7440-55-3 EG-Nr.: 231-163-8 3.

POTENTIAL HAZARDS 3.1 Classification: No dangerous product in the sense of the guideline 67/548/EWG.