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We have listed some common tasks that will assist you in keeping your PC running smoothly.

How To Set Up Your PC for the First Time

How to Reinstall Windows

How to Maintain Your PC


How To Set Up Your PC for the First Time

1. Unpack all the parts delivered to you.

2. Remove the side panel to remove internal packaging. This may require a cross headed screw driver. On most cases to remove the internal packaging you will need to remove the left hand side panel when looking at it from the front. There will usually be two or more screws on the back of the case holding this panel in place. Once you have access to the inside of the PC, carefully remove any foam packaging. Avoid snagging an cables or wires.

Once complete, replace the side panel. If the side panel has a fan attached, you will need to connect the power for this.

3. Locate the PC in a well ventilated area. Plug the power cable into the base unit and plug this into the mains - ensure the mains socket is switched off. This ensures the PC is grounded, but no power is being delivered to the PC.

4. Plug in your keyboard and mouse. Many PCs no longer support the old style PS2 (circular) keyboard and mouse, so you may need to use USB keyboard and mice. These can be connected to any available USB port on the back of the PC.

5. Connect the monitor. Please note there are multiple monitor ports on most PCs.

Identify the type of connection your monitor uses.





Identify the type of graphics card your PC has been supplied with.

Onboard or Integrated Graphics Card

This type of graphics card is the cheaper alternative and is usually only found on our budget systems. The graphics processing is performed by a chip integrated on the CPU or motherboard. In this case, the ports you need to connect to will be found on the back of the PC on the main IO plate. This can be identified as the area where the USB ports, network ports and coloured audio ports are located.

In this case, simply connect to the same type of connection your monitor uses. If there is not a compatible connection type available, you will need to purchase an adapter.

Dedicated Graphics Card

Most Wired2Fire systems are high performance systems that use a dedicated graphics card. These are add in cards that improve graphics performance. If you have selected a dedicated graphics card you must connect to the ports of the add in graphics card.

Do NOT connect to the onboard graphics ports. In most cases, the onboard graphics cards have been disabled so you will not get a display output to your monitor.

If you have an HDMI/DVI or DisplayPort monitor you can usually connect directly to the dedicated graphics card port of the same type.

If you have an older analog VGA connection type, you will need to use a VGA to DVI adapter. Most modern graphics cards have a dual function DVI port that will allow a VGA connection to be used with an adapter. Certain very recent cards e.g. R9 290X do not support analog connections at all.

6. Turn the PC on. The system should now POST and then boot into the preinstalled Windows.



How to Clean Reinstall Windows

To completely remove and reinstall windows you will need to boot your PC from the Windows Operating System disc. To do this you will have to manually select the DVD-drive containing the disc.

The first step is to put the Windows disc in the optical disc drive. To manually select the optical disc drive you will need to press a specific key during start up to access the boot selection menu. The key to press will depend on the manufacturer of your motherboard. Listed below are the boot selection menu keys:

Asus - F8

Gigabyte - F12

AsRock - F11

Press the appropriate key immediately after turning the PC on. Keep tapping this key until the boot selection menu appears. This is a menu listing all the bootable devices connected to your PC. Look for the one that contains any of the following words - DVD/ATAPI/DVD/BDROM.

Ue the up and down arrow keys to select the drive containing your Operating System disc. Select the device by pressing Enter.

If the message "Press Any Key to Boot from CD or DVD" immediately press the "Enter" key. You should now see a black screen with a white loading bar

Then follow the instructions for a clean install appropriate to your operating system (links to an external site).

Windows 7 -

Windows 8/8.1 -



How to Maintain Your Wired2Fire PC

Physical maintenance

You must ensure your computer remains free from dust. Failure to do so may invalidate any warranty claim. If you see dust build up on fans or air filters please clean them. The best way to do this is with a compressed air spray. Simply blow the dust out. If the filters are removable this is even easier. It is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner, but you must avoid touching the items directly with any metal parts.

Please note locating your PC on the floor will increase dust build up as will smoking in the same location as your PC. We suggest you avoid this if at all possible.

Software maintenance

1. Remove unwanted programs regularly

2. Defragment mechanical hard disk drives. NEVER defragment a Solid State Drive - this can reduce their useful life span.

3. Ensure you perform regular anti-virus scans. Most modern anti-virus software will do this automatically. We would recommend Bullguard as a good balance of performance vs security vs intrusivenes.

4. Reinstall Windows. This is often seen as a huge task. However, a PC that has not been reinstalled for a while can slow down significantly, no matter how careful you are. A clean reinstall will ensure you machine zips along again.