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No Overclocking

Wired2Fire OC_W2F_NONE

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To many, overclocking is an art shrouded in mystery!  At Wired2Fire it's second nature.  Gone are the days when overclocking could seriously harm your PC.  With knowledge, care and high quality components, it is possible to get significant improvements in performance.

Whilst not everyone will want their brand new PC overclocked, the extra performance, offered at no extra cost - is hard to resist.  We will overclock your system's CPU to give it a boost in speed.  We'll also ensure that the performance boost doesn't come at the expense of stability. 

Whilst we can not promise any specific percentage speed increase from overclocking; the degree of the overclock will be very much dependent on your components selected.  Basically, a better cooler and more advanced motherboard are the key factors to getting the best overclock from your system - so bare this in mind when choosing your components.

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