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Wired2Fire OT_W2F_NONE

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Ever wondered why some PCs with apparently similarly specified components can run at vastly different speeds.  One system chugs along whilst the other flies.  Every Wired2Fire PC is fully tuned and optimised, so you can be happy in the knowledge that you are definitely getting the most from the components in your rig.

This includes the very latest and fastest BIOS versions, no scarey BIOS flashes are required once you have the PC.  Wired2Fire then ensures all the BIOS settings are fully optimised.  For example, every system has its memory latency timings manually configured so that you get the most from the system memory.  Device boot options are tweaked to improve boot speed.  Unused devices disabled, to improve system resources.

It doesn't stop there.  Each system has the very latest and fastest drivers installed.  It's amazing how much difference this can make to a systems performance, even more amazing that many manufacturers don't do this.  It also means you don't have game specific driver related bugs, because you have the latest most up to date driver already installed.  It isn't just graphics drivers we ensure are the latest and fastest versions.  All the chipset drivers are updated, as are the sound drivers. In fact any component that requires any driver software. All this leads to faster more reliable gaming!

So you can get going as soon as you switch on your new Wired2Fire PC, we run all the latest Windows updates and stability patches - including the very latest build of DirectX.

All of these tweaks lead to a blisteringly quick and stable system that will be the envy of all your friends!

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