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Returns Policy

Wired2Fire Ltd are committed to providing the best service and products possible, however, on rare occasions it may be necessary to return goods for repair under warranty or you may wish to cancel your order. It is important that you are aware of your rights and the policies we have in place to make any returns as swift and easy as possible.

Returns Under Warranty

The first step if you have any problems with your PC is to visit our support pages. If you can not find an answer to the issue you are having then please email us using our contact form or at or call us on 01306 882211. We may ask you to perform various troubleshooting steps. If the PC is deemed to have a hardware fault, then we will arrange the return of the PC or components.

Depending on the type of warranty you have selected you may have to pay for the return costs to and from us. Please see our warranty terms and conditions for details. In any event, please do not return items to us with out contacting us first as often there is a simple solution to most problems.

If the system is returned and the fault is deemed to be a result of misuse by the customer, the cost of the return and repair will be charged to the customer, you will be notified of any costs before they are carried out.

If the problem is related to incorrectly installed software, that has not been installed by Wired2Fire Ltd, then the customer will be charged for the costs of collection and return, irrespective of warranty type.

Cancellation Prior to Delivery

Orders placed with Wired2Fire Ltd may be cancelled at any time prior to delivery unless they are custom made goods.

We define custom made goods as items that are used once and can not be reused. We also reserve the right to refuse cancellation of goods that are not part of our standard product catalog that the customer has requested and must be ordered in specifically for that customer.

Examples include:

Custom water cooled systems where tubing and coolant can not be reused. The cost of these items will be subtracted from any refund.

Custom Case modifications including cutting of the chassis or any kind of painting. We will charge the full cost of these items and the labour costs associated with these modifications, you will have ownership of the items.

Cancellation after Delivery

If you wish to cancel your order after it has been delivered, the rules that apply will depend on whether the product was collected by the customer or delivered by our couriers.

Customer Collected Goods

In the case where the customer collects the computer from our premises, they have been deemed to have had the opportunity to inspect the goods and there is no right to cancel.

Goods Delivered to the Customer

In the case where the product is delivered by Us to the customer, the customer has 7 working days from the day after the day of delivery to cancel the order under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. You must notify Us of your wish to cancel, in writing or via email. We can not accept a request to cancel over the telephone.

You must return any goods to Us immediately, in the same condition in which they arrived and at your own cost and risk. If you fail to return the goods to us we will take action to recover the goods or compensation to cover the cost of the goods. If required, we can arrange for our courier to collect the goods. The costs for this will be given to you beforehand and subtracted from any refund due.

The customer has a duty of care to ensure that the products are sufficiently packaged to protect them during the return. We recommend using the original packaging. We can provide replacement packaging for a small charge. If you do not use the original packaging, fail to pack the products as received or use your own packaging you will be liable for any repair costs resulting from damage in transit.

Once the cancelled products are received, we will process a refund, less any costs within 30 days. Refunds will usually be made by the same method that payment was made.

Custom goods, software that you have activated the licence for or unsealed software will not be refunded. For further information please see the link below for the distance selling regulations.

Cancellation as a business customer

As a business customer your order is not covered by consumer regulation. In general, the right to cancel will be defined in the contract of sale. We deem any order placed in the name of a company or business or paid for using a business bank account, debit or credit card as an order placed by a business and therefore not subject to the consumer regulations. Orders placed by a business do not have the right to cancel once the order has been placed (i.e. the contract of sale has been accepted).

Other Rights of Cancellation or Refund

As a consumer you may have the right to a refund if the goods are not deemed fit for purpose or are not as described. With regard to fitness for purpose of a computer your software or hardware may not be compatible with the hardware and we do not consider this as not being fit for purpose. We would suggest you use the links below to be fully informed of your consumer rights.

Relevant Legislation