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Wired2Fire BT_W2F_WCSTD2

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Quick Overview

Every Wired2Fire system is built from scratch.  Whilst we know that you can't wait to get your hands on your new Wired2Fire PC, we also know that careful builds and thorough testing are extremely important to your enjoyment of the system.  That's why we won't let any PC leave the warehouse unless it has passed our full 24 hour burn in test.

Once payment is approved, your system is allocated stock. If any of the selected components are out of stock, they will then be ordered.  Your system will then be meticulously assembled.  Once built, we put the system on the installation and testing.  The operating system is installed and updated.  All the latest drivers and BIOS files are installed.  The BIOS settings are tweaked and finally the system is run through a comprehensive suite of benchmarks, to ensure performance is to par.

Finally, the system is put through a rigorous stress test, to ensure all components are working 100%.  Only once this test is passed will the system be ready for dispatch.  We will then contact your before dispatching the system to ensure someone will be available at the delivery address.

All this takes from 10-20 working days.  Our average build time is around fifteen working days, but can be shorter or longer if there are problems with stock availability or testing.  If you are wondering when your system might arrive, please just contact us and we'll check on the progress of your order.



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